Levelscrew FLS-HT

Simpler and improved window installation

The FLS-HT level screw simplifies leveling when installing and adjusting windows and doors. Can be used in wood, masonry and concrete. Replaces wedges and blocks, which provides more space for insulation and thus reduces the risk of cold bridges. Adjustment range is 5-35 mm. The screw has distance marking on the stem for 10/15/20 mm. When mounting or adjusting key, use mounting sleeve or torx bit when window or door is in place.

Tuote kuvaus

  • With increased focused on new energy standards and density, Levelfix is a beneficial solution, as it gives no thermal bridges like bricks and wedges do and there is more space for proper insulation. There is also nothing that sticks out and can make a hole in the sealing.
  • Distance marks of 10, 15 and 20 mm on the screw that’s makes it easy and fast to adjust to the desired distance. Adjustment range is between 5 and 35 mm with the same screw.
  • Fast and accurate leveling of windows no matter how lopsided the rough sill is. It is easy to do fine adjustment with the wrench when the window is resting on top of the screws.
  • It is also easy to level multiple windows at the same height with a line laser. By tightening or unscrewing the screws to the side frame with the wrench the window can stand steady while you fasten it with screws.
  • Save time and money.
  • Eliminates risk of injury from using saws and knifes when creating and customizing blocks and wedges. Less heavy lifting of windows as adjustments can be made while the window is in place the first time.

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  • Fast and precise levelling.
  • Easy to fine-tune with key afterwards even if the window is on the screw.
  • Easy to level several windows at the same height with laser.
  • By tightening or unscrewing the screws against the side frame with the key grip, the window can stand steady while fastening it with screws.